The Phillies

The Phillies Dream Scene

In 2008 I painted a huge 14-foot canvas in oils for the Philadelphia Phillies depicting their greatest 25 players spanning their 125-year history. I assembled them in the current day clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park where they are all interacting and swapping stories that have become Phillies folklore. Into the scene are woven many stories of the club’s history and also of the players deeds, both on and off the park.

Phillies Dream Team Original Painting

This came about through a mutual friend of mine who lives in Philly (an Aussie girl) who knew someone at the club. That contact could only guarantee that IF I created the work, he would guarantee that it got an audience with the executives. That was all.

That was enough for me. It’s not easy to get in the door at a Major League Club, especially if you are some nobody from the other side of the world talking about some left field abstract idea! Right!


So I spent a whole year researching, designing, drawing and painting the piece. Upon completion I shipped it across the globe to present to an unsuspecting club. Apart from my contact at the club, no one knew of its existence. 

Long story short; they loved it and purchased the 14-foot canvas. It now hangs in the lobby of the prestigious Diamond Club and is a major feature of the stadium tour.

4 years later I still receive daily emails asking about the painting, grown men telling me they have wept in front of it, as it depicts all the heroes whom they have loved since childhood.

So over the past 4 years, word of mouth has spread. This has lead to where we are today.