Yankees Dream Scene

​New York Yankees Dream Scene Painting by artist Jamie Cooper

Where can we see it?

Convention centre.jpg

First of all, we have to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has responded so positively to the creation of this painting.

The reaction from so many Yankees fans to the Yankees Dream Scene has been enormous, so we want you to know how excited we have been to receive all all your feedback and thoughtful comments about this new painting.

One of the key questions we’re being asked is where you can see the painting up close. So if you have the chance, both the artist and the painting will be making an appearance at:

The National Sports Collectors Convention

Donald E Stephens Convention Center

Rosemont, Illinois

On Friday August 2nd

This is the event where the Yankees Dream Scene will go under the auctioneer’s hammer.

Of course, if you’re interested in buying the painting and you are unable to here on the day, make sure you contact Legendary Auctions beforehand to make arrangements.

We hope to see you in Chicago.

"The Candle" in Joe’s Locker

Joe's locker.jpg

It probably seems strange to many of today’s younger baseball fans to see a sportsman with a cigarette in his hand, but back in the 1940’s it was common for cigarette companies to use sporting heroes as public spokesmen.

In the case of “Jolting Joe”, DiMaggio was well known as being the face of Chesterfield cigarettes, so that’s why can also see a carton of them sitting in his locker. Alongside this you’ll see a memento of “The Yankee Clipper’s” remarkable 56 game hitting streak.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Joe’s locker without a photo of his second wife. The marriage may have only lasted nine months, but it attracted a huge amount of public and media interest at the time. His wife’s name? Well, nowadays she's often referred to as "The Candle in the Wind", but back then she was Marilyn Monroe.

Jeter and the Jumpman

Jeter's Jordan 2 wristband.jpg

Let’s face it; it wouldn’t a true Yankee’s Dream Scene without Derek Jeter, a man who has played in more post season series than several major league franchises! Since earning Rookie of the Year in 1996, he has become one of the game's most complete ballplayers with five fielding awards, five slugging awards, thirteen All-Star appearances, an All-Star Game MVP, a championship MVP and five world titles to his name.

Importantly, Derek also provides a modern day element to the Yankee’s Dream Scene, being the only current player to make it to this mythical locker room, (even if he is injured at the moment). Several keen observers have noted that the Captain even comes complete with his own edition of the Nike Jumpman sweat band…an honor that he was reportedly specially selected for by Michael Jordan himself.

What’s with the Beer?

ballantine beer and #7D8FBA.jpg

It’s been great to receive so much feedback from Yankees fans who are curious about the many little historical references that I’ve included in the Yankees Dream Scene.

One of these enquiries came from Jas Hetherington who is from Gainesville in Georgia.

He wanted to know more about the bottles of beer that you can see on the floor beside Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. As Jas suggested, these are indeed bottles of Ballantine’s Ale, which was one of the oldest brands of beer in the U.S. and, at its peak, the 3rd most popular beer brand in the nation.

The Ballantine’s Brewery was located in in New Jersey and became the Yankees first television sponsor, being heavily involved with the ball club from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. In fact, team announcers like the legendary Mel Allen used to label Yankee home runs, "Ballantine Blasts"!

We’ll tell you more about some of the other historical references in the next post, so stay tuned.